Etching press and Gallery view
The studio at Alberta Printmakers is a self-directed, collaborative printmaking space that accommodates etching and intaglio, stone lithography, relief, monoprinting, collagraphy, and silkscreen printmaking.

Members can rent time to work in the studio by the day, weekend, week, month or year. Monthly and annual renters are granted 24-hour access* to the studio and lockers for storage, and all renters have access to the common supplies provided.


Renters are required to provide their own disposable materials. Common materials like photo emulsion, emulsion remover, hardground and softground, acids, cleaning supplies and heavy equipment are provided by the studio program. Materials fees vary depending on the term of rental (see fee schedule below right).


Silkscreen printers may email the Studio Assistant stencil designs sized to a 13″ x 19″ transparency, formatted to gray-scale at least one open gallery day prior to printing at $10 per sheet. Follow the downloadable guides available to the right.


New renters are given a studio safety walkthrough and WHMIS orientation at the beginning of the rental term.  It is required that first-time renters come in for the orientation prior to the first day of printing. For rental inquiries, or to schedule an orientation with at least 24 hours notice, please email the Studio Assistant at

*please note, due to Covid19 restrictions, access might be limited to gallery hours. 


When booking please refer to the descriptions below to ascertain which area of the studio you will require for your rental.


Front Studio 


In the front studio we have our fully equipped letterpress area, with our Vandercook SP-15 press, including lead type, furniture as well as a standard depth boxcar base for photopolymer. We also have an Intaglio area utilising our Rochat intaglio press as well as a hot plate, small toaster oven (for use with green intaglio techniques,) large inking station and a drying rack for intaglio prints. 


Large equipment available to book: 


  • Vandercook SP-15

  • Rochat Intaglio Press


Back Studio


In the back studio is our screenprinting area with a work surface with fixed screen hinges, as well as portable, table top, screenprint hinges. Our silk screen exposure unit is also in the back with light sensitive cabinets, for large and small screens, and multiple squeegies. We have a lithography area with a Griffin lithography press, inking station and a selection of stones for rent. We have an Ettan press which is the preferred press for relief printing, but also works well for intaglio. Also in the back is our Polimero photopolymer plate exposure unit for use with photopolymer techniques.


Large equipment available available to book: 


  • Silk screen exposure unit

  • Griffin Press

  • Ettan Press

  • Photopolymer plate exposure unit


Shared Use Areas (do not require advance booking)*


Our multi-use washout area in the front is shared between all renters using the studio. It contains our large washout sink for use with screenprinting and photopolymer and a pressure washer for cleaning screens. Our etching acid is also located in this area and there is a surface that can be used for grinding lithography stones. This is also where we apply photo emulsion to screens before moving them into the photosensitive cupboards in the back to dry. Just to the left of the washout area is our aquatint booth for use with green etching techniques.


Also available to renters is our large general drying rack and our plate cutter located in the back studio. In the front studio is a light table and intaglio drying rack. 


*please be aware that our shared use areas can be high traffic on busy days and require extra awareness to maintain social distancing. 




1-3 MONTHS  $40

1 YEAR  $100




DAILY   $5

WEEKLY   $10