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Kate Baillies // +15 window gallery



Initially I lit the candle as an act of remembrance. The action brought a singular light into the darkness of winter months, a symbol of hope. Making contour drawings of the candle, allowed me to immerse myself into the moment the candle burned, allowing for a lifting of spirit. Drawing the candle image on the copper etching plate, allowed for a transformation of the drawing through the process of printmaking.

Before each immersion into the acid, I drew a new network of line over the old. Following each etching of the image, a print was made - documenting each stage the image went through until the final print. On the surface, it appears I have come full circle from dark to light, light to dark. However, following this process of destruction of image through printmaking, I come to a place of new place of symbol - enriched through this act of re-creation.

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