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Zareen Abeer // Too Ignorant to Face Reality

April 1 - May 27, 2016

Closing Reception: May 19, 2016 6-7pm

Zareen Abeer explores macroscopic patterns that are found deep within nature to represent human organs, such as lungs and the heart. She considers the heart to be the most important organ in the body, because it helps us to feel. Just like nature is to earth, she uses lungs to show that we are destroying the one thing that helps us to stay alive which is nature. Through her work, she addresses the topics of environmental issues and humanity's impact on the environment.

She focuses on repetitive tasks that we might overlook. In her collage work, these tasks overlap and create an obscure version of the world we live in, reinforcing the absurd image of our existence; a world where the parameters of our movements and thoughts were already built before we were born into it, to the extent where our instincts are no longer primitive or required.

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