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Sara Norquay // Lost Geography

December 4 - January 29, 2016

Arts Commons +15 Window: 2nd floor, 205 - 8th ave SE

Closing Reception January 21st, from 6-7pm

Sara Norquay has been a printmaker for almost twenty years, making monotypes, photopolymer etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and recently copper etchings. She also makes artists books and works with felt. After living, working and exhibiting for nearly 20 years in California, she moved back to Canada in 2009 and now exhibits her work in Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto as well as in California.

These colour woodcuts are developed from small collage studies I did in the 1970’s. The reductive woodcut process allows me to reconsider the interaction between shape and colour in the original compositions. These are not reproductions but rather explorations seeking new meanings in a different time and place. The series references maps, diagrams and billboard remnants: fragments that might represent imagined space.

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