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  • Robin Koch

Robin Koch //+15 Window

Robin Koch


October 2 - November 27, 2015

A/P +15 Window Gallery

My process is somewhat primal in terms of hunting and gathering images. Some may harvest and produce their work, but I find myself scavenging pieces that have already been produced. I collage. I collaborate with people I have never met. I manipulate and manufacture environments and thoughts; thoughts without absolutes.

I explore the place in time in which I live. Through first-hand experience I evaluate what we do and why we do them; displayed in writing, printing, painting, and video work. Each work informs the other; there is no beginning or end of a singular piece, just as this space of time that is being portrayed has no precise boundary.

Through this autobiographic procedure I navigate through western society and exaggerate and abstract the thoughts that are formed. I explore the movement that we are restricted to within this society, and the environment and architecture that has been structured and designed for this culture. I display groups of people waiting in lines that they are forced to spend time in because of this way of life. I spend time in these

lines on a daily basis. I became conscious of this, and conscious of how comfortable I feel in lines, to the point where it's become habit, it's become somewhat "natural", and it's become completely necessary. Our movements within society are subtly dictated within what we perceive as our freedom. I display the constructed social narratives that have been created by consumerism and the physical landscape that this provokes, as well as the definition of beauty that this initiates.

My current work has been largely influenced by photography, and the spaces that a single moment can create. Collaging these images creates a collection of moments that activate a single space, and become a subtle indication of movement. I hope to further advance this analysis with the use of repetition and pattern,

and the addition of hand drawn elements to examine human design and structure

of forms.

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