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Marzieh Mosavarzadeh // +15 Window

Marzieh Mosavarzadeh

June 6 - July 31

@ Arts Commons

Marzieh Mosavarzadeh uses self-portraits as her main theme and adds various elements and symbols to tell stories. As a female artist from Iran who has lived in a society full of contradictions and limitations, she wants to focus on the contrast between new and old beliefs that she has seen in contemporary Iranian lives. Everything is changing every day, and the insane speed at which technology advances has played a crucial role in this rapid change. At the same time, the Iranian society is trying to keep the traditional ideology and culture alive. It is a great struggle between conservative and contemporary points of view. As a result, in this series, the viewer sees a headphone as a symbol of our contemporary lives. In Iran, headphones are strongly associated with the young generation, who often use it to create a line between its own way of life, and to avoid the society’s realities. Mosavarzaheh has also used different traditional Iranian motifs and patterns to create a contrast with the headphones. By using her self-portraits, she focuses on the feeling of living between two different points of view, and try to make a balance between them. In these recent works, she wants to give her audience a moment of reflection on our fast paced lives, our life changing decisions, and perhaps her endeavour to find her own identity in this complicated world.

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