Linocut Starter Kit for A/P Demo Participants

Linocut Starter Kit for A/P Demo Participants

This COMPLETE LINOCUT STARTER KIT has everything you'll need to get started in the medium!


Intended for folks registered in one or both of A/P's 2 upcoming Pressing Onward Linocut Demos (Carving a Linocut & At-Home Relief Printing, this kit has everything you will need to apply what you learn so that you can easily print from home.


This kit has an estimated regular retail value of $100 and includes:


- 1 Speedball lino cutter tool (with 5 assorted blades)

- 1 unmounted lino block - 4"x6"

- 1 Sharpie twin tip pen

- 1 anti-slip mat to keep your linoblock in place

- 1 soft brayer

- 1 piece of plexiglass for inking

- 1 palette knife

- 1x 2.5oz tube of Speedball block watersoluble ink (black)

- 1 container of glycerine ink extender with dropper

- 1 wooden spoon 

- 20 sheets of newsprint

- 10 sheets of rice paper

- 1 handy A/P tote bag


A/P pickup available.  We will contact you with details!

    C$100.00 Regular Price
    C$70.00Sale Price

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