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Connection & Communication Postcard - Sheryl Spencer
  • Connection & Communication Postcard - Sheryl Spencer

    This postcard by August Klintberg was created as part of our inaugural Student-Led Initiative, entitled Connection & Communication Postcard Project


    Sheryl Spencer is a 2021 AUARTS Print media graduate. Sheryl's artistic curiosities circulate around objects and the soul or "numen" objects have. Sheryl believes that objects we choose to surround ourselves with, collect, discard, or become in any way entangled with have something more than just their material makeup. Sheryl uses imagery of objects to examine the possible endless stories that have been instilled within them through the use, wear, or collection of the owners of that item. The image used on the postcard she designed depicts an obsolete style of telephone with repeated cords and receivers. Many Conversations may have been experienced on this device, creating entanglements between caller, and receiver, person(s) and object. Recently Sheryl's work was exhibited at the 2021 AUARTS Grad Show, additionally Sheryl curated the "In Conversation with John Snow" show with Alberta Printmakers. Sheryl continues to create work out of her studio at NVRLND Arts Foundation.

    • About this Postcard Project

      This project features AUArts student work along side the work of faculty and staff in a set of letterpress printed postcards under the theme of connection and communication, with the intention of building community during the pandemic.

      4 student designs and 4 faculty/staff designs were selected to produce a total of 1000 letterpress printed postcards (125 of each design) using A/P's Vandercook SP15 Proofing Press.

      This inaugural Student-Led Initiative was developed and coordinated by Sam Rollo together and James Boychuk-Hunter in association with Galerie Gaulin.  Grant funding to support artist fees and materials was generously provided by the Student's Association (AUART-SA).

      Each postcard is available for sale to generated funding toward future Student-Led Initiatives between AUArts and A/P to pay for artist fees and materials. 100% of proceeds from postcard purchases will go toward this purpose.


      About A/P's Annual Student-Led Initiative:

      These projects support and celebrate students while fostering their connections with A/P as a community resource to further their printmaking practice during and beyond their degree program.


    Special Thanks to A/P's Funders and Sponsors:


    A/P receives operational funding from Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Calgary Arts Development Authority:

    Studio-Based Events & Education Programming is sponsored by Inglewood Art Supplies

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