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(2 x) 3D Holiday Ornament - Designed by Jonathan Creese
  • (2 x) 3D Holiday Ornament - Designed by Jonathan Creese

    3D Holiday Ornament designed by:

    Jonathan Creese


    Flat paper size: 9"x12"

    Folded Ornament Size: Approximately 4" in diameter, and 5" in height



    Black ink printed on 100 lb natural linen cardstock


    Included in this purchase: 


    This original ornament template and design was created as part of A/P's 3rd installment of a series of projects created in collaboration with AUArts Students. 


    *All proceeds from the 3D Holiday Ornament sales will support future collaborative projects between A/P and AUArts Students. 



      Special Thanks to A/P's Funders and Sponsors:


      A/P receives operational funding from Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Calgary Arts Development Authority:

      Studio-Based Events & Education Programming is sponsored by Inglewood Art Supplies

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