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I'm about to try some other Japanese papers to work with etching and Chine collé - wish me luck!


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Pots and Pans

Tracy Wormsbecker is a visual artist and arts administrator in Calgary, Alberta. Holding a BSc. in psychology and a BFA in printmaking from the University of Calgary, Tracy has experience in working in both health research and visual arts settings within the public sector. This varied background influences both her artistic practice and her passion for fostering community enrichment through the arts, which she applies to her current position as Executive Director at Alberta Printmakers.

Her artistic practice focuses on examining the nuances and elusive quality of lived experience as it is perceived, remembered and imagined, and how this relates to the formation and reformation of identity and the self. Her process and artwork often reflect her diverse interests in printmaking, textiles, mixed media, and installation.

Her printed works are held in private collections, in the permanent collections of the Nickle Art Gallery (University of Calgary) and the Glenbow, and have been exhibited in Canada and the United States. Tracy has also contributed as Production Designer in local independent film projects, which have screened at film festivals in Edmonton AB, Portland OR, Memphis TN, and Muskogee OK.

Missing You

Where does your artwork start to take shape – in the digital or analog world?

Usually analog. My sketchbook is mostly a jumble of text and textures (both drawn and physical things). I start in the tactile world and occasionally blend with digital processes before completing a piece through analog printing technique(s).


Where I Jumped and Floated

Who’s printmaking art do you most admire?

How can I choose!?

What is your favourite paper?

Honen :( It's no longer being made, so I'm about to try some other Japanese papers to work with etching and Chine collé - wish me luck!

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