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Solvents are my friend



Pots and Pans

Michelle Wiebe is a multi-disciplinary artist focused primarily on painting, printmaking, and letterpress. Her work is characterized by simple subject matter rendered with bold colour and line work.

​She began her journey as an artist at an early age after being accepted to the Langley Fine Arts School. There she immersed herself in all aspects of visual art making. She continued developing her skills at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, eventually finding her voice through paint and ink.

Michelle is also a passionate instructor with a deep love for teaching, she makes it her goal that students leave her class with quality work and the confidence to continue building their new skills. She can also be found doing collaborations, demonstrations, and commission pieces.

Recently she has done work for the City of Calgary and Heritage Park (at the Strathmore Standard). Her studio is in Cochrane Alberta and she is a member of the Leighton Artist Centre and serves on the Board of Directors for Alberta Printmakers.

Etsy Sourced Picture

What is your favourite ink?

Southern Ink Transparent White



Where does your artwork start to take shape – in the digital or analog world? In the context of printmaking or in another artform?

Analog, usually by refurbishing a new press!

Chemicals or no chemicals?

Solvents are my friend

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