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Gallery Hours:

Wednesday: 10am - 8pm

Thursday - Saturday: 10am-5pm

Visitor Update - June 29, 2022:

A/P has updated our visitor guidelines for all in-person visitors.


(1) Masking is not required.

Visitors are supported in wearing a mask if they prefer. 
To accommodate anyone who visits without their own mask and would like to wear one, A/P has disposable masks available (in both child and adult sizes).


(2) Visitors must not be exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19.

Emeging Artist Exhibitions



Fuel /  Nat Cann

Nat Can Promo.jpg

Exhibition Dates:  June  9 - July 21, 2023

Opening Reception & Artist Talk:  Saturday, June 10 from 12-2pm


Detail - Stop.jpg


Saturday, June 10 from 12-2pm

Attendance is FREE and all are welcome.

The artist talk will begin shortly after 12pm, followed by the opening reception until 2pm.

About the exhibition: 

In the summer of 2022, Nat Cann participated in a residency with the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation's (CAAF) to find what fuels the sprawling city of Calgary, Alberta, a bustling place of quiet modernity within western Canada and the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksika, Kainai, Piikani), the Tsuut’ina, the Îyâxe Nakoda Nations, the Métis Nation. This was to be a new body of work entirely separate from current material, something livelier than the current lonesomeness of the Atlantic. Not that Nat was seeking a relationship to the east coast as the city is far too big to pinpoint anything that particular. What blossomed, perhaps in vain, was a similarity to previous projects wherein towering pillars of residence, commerce and capitalised prospect were found to be upheld by the local establishments and a startling amount of coffee. Using the very same products used to fashion these buildings both in construction and décor, Fuel is an inspection of glass pillars built atop localized establishments and the people, things, and actors who dwell between such venues. 

Fuel was made possible by the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation's (CAAF) national residency program, as well as ArtsNB's assistance funding.

Nat Cann (he/him) is an Atlantic Canadian based printmaker whose work hones upon the haunting of lands—relentless industries keeping afloat Canadian notions of colonialist heritage, intentions which often find themselves misguided and victim to degradation by nature, time, economics, and shifts in our understanding. Nat's residencies and exhibitions have taken him from coast to coast where he's gratefully acted as a mentor, instructor, and technical assistant to numerous students and professionals unversed in printmaking. His recent print projects have been intertwined with a variety of publications, exhibitions, and research grants, and his efforts in these endeavors has been consistently supported by ArtsNB's funding programs and the Canada Council for the Arts. Nat obtained his BFA from Mount Allison University (2012) and now resides in Moncton, New Brunswick, an Acadian colonial city which sits on the unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) and Mi'kmaq Peoples.



My Data Body /  Marilène Oliver


Exhibition Dates:  March 31 - May 19, 2023


Virtual artist talk with marilene oliver.jpg

Join us for the ONLINE Artist Talk!

When: Thursday, April 27 from 7-8pm (MDT)

Where: Online via zoom

Registration is required: Register HERE

My Data Body is a collaborative, multimedia installation that includes sculptures, video projection, large scale prints, an artist book, a zine, and a virtual reality artwork. My Data Body brings together different forms of personal data such as medical scans, social media, biometric, banking and health data in an attempt to make visible and manipulable our many intersecting data corpuses so that in VR they can be held, inspected and dissected. In My Data Body, the medically scanned, passive, obedient, semi- transparent body becomes a data processing site that can be pulled apart, de- and re-composed or as Yuval Harari warns ‘surveilled under the skin’.

When developing the My Data Body VR project, Oliver recognized the potential of the VR medium as acompositional and layering space where digital assets can be spatially arranged and then captured and exported as separate image layers. In this exhibition, Oliver explores this affordance to create a series of large scale laser engraved images into spray paint on paper, and a large artist book comprised on neon woodcut and screen prints.

My Data Body is an interdisciplinary and collaborative project made as part of the research project KnowThyself as a Virtual Reality (KTVR). Collaborators include Marilène Oliver (visual art), Scott Smallwood(sound), J.R. Carpenter (poetry) and Stephan Moore (sound).

Marilène Oliver  is an associate professor of printmaking and media arts at the University of Alberta. Marilène works at a crossroads between new digital technologies and traditional print and sculpture, with her finished objects bridging the virtual and the real worlds. Oliver uses various scanning technologies, such as MRI and CT to create artworks that invite us to materially contemplate our increasingly digitized selves and better understand what sociologist Deborah Lupton terms our, human-data assemblages. Marilene’s print works have been featured in several high-profile printmaking books including Installations and Experimental Printmaking by Alexia Tala and Printmaking: a Contemporary Perspective by Paul Coldwell.

Previous Exhibitions

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Trio / Martha Street Studio & Vague Démographique / L'Atelier Presse Papier, July 9 - August 27, 2021

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Stephanie de Couto Costs / Anthology of Mourning ,  March 7 -  April 7, 2020

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Laura Peturson / Wasteland/Wanderland, September 14 - October 12, 2018

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Jaqueline Leigh Huskisson / absurd walls  - Feb 23 - April 6, 2018

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Miriam Rodolph / disPOSSESSION, June 2 - July 15, 2017

Robert Pugh / EtchingsApril 21 - May 27, 2017

Marek Pospiech, 2017

Tara Cooper, 2017

Ian Brown, 2016

Laura Widmer, 2016

Darian Goldin Stahl, 2016

Joani Tremblay, 2016

April Dean, 2016

Marilee Salvator, 2016

Marnie Blair, 2015

Gabriela Jolowicz, 2015

Aleksandar Mladenovic Robert Truszkowski, 2015

Audrey Hurd, 2015

Emmanuelle Jacques, 2015

Jeff Kulak, 2015


2nd Pressing, Group Exhibition of collaborative works featuring: AJ Colum, Paul Dudar, Isis Horne, Levin Ifko, Rachel MacKinnon, Nicole Olson Grant-Suttie, Sam Rollo, Andy Rubio, and Jessica Wu, A/P Main Gallery, July -  August 2022

Shelby Wolfe-Goulet, Burnt Toast Studio Gallery, 2019

Mitchell Luken, Burnt Toast Studio Gallery, 2019

Kristina van Westenbrugge, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2018

Mitchell Chalifoux, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2018

Ryan Statz, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2018

Katelyn Payette, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2018

Kenzie Housego, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2018

Graeme Dearden, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2017

Robert Lemermeyer, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2017

Tracy Wormsbecker, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2017

Samantha Charette, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2017

Kellen Spencer, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2017

Claire Coutts, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2016

Andrea Rizzuti, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2016

Anbareen Abeer, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2016

Kate Baillies, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2016

Zareen Abeer, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2016

Ashley Slemming, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries,  2015

Sara Norquay, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2015

Robin Koch, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2015

Sean Caulfield, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2015

Marzieh Mosavarzadeh, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2015

Tait Wilman, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2015

Shawn Reynar, ArtsCommons +15 Window Galleries, 2015

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