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Educational Field Trips

A/P Educational Zoom Package

How the A/P Educational Zoom Package works: 


  • Start with our Base/Prep fee

  • Add segments topics fit your curriculum needs

  • Expand the segments or add more segments to fill your time and meet your budget

We’ve put this together so that there is a flat rate for each day that you’d like to book, which includes basic prep time per day (some items may have additional prep time, this is noted on each item). Also included in the daily flat rate is 10 minutes at the beginning of each session for students to enter, to greet the class, introduce ourselves and outline the session, and 10 minutes at the end of every session for brief questions if there is time.

Your classroom experience would be put together with the components you choose, to be as long as you require, and the price for each segment will be tallied for a final amount. If you are wanting to split this up over two sessions, no problem - we just require a base/prep fee for each additional day. Most of these segments can be easily expanded to an hour or more if you'd like to focus on a more detailed presentation.

What this Zoom session could look like for your classroom: 

DIY Printmaking at Home:
9:00 am - 9:10 am Introduction of instructor, what is Alberta Printmakers and session outline
9:10 am - 9:30 am DIY Block Printing*
9:30 am - 9:35 am Short Question Break
9:35 am - 9:55 am  Alternative Presses*
9:55 am - 10:00 am Short Question Break
10:00 am - 10:20 am How to Sell Your Art*
10:20 am - 10:30 am Questions and Wrap Up
* Demonstration includes a PDF for each segment of materials, topic overview and online resources


A/P Educational Zoom Options: 
Currently, we can offer these topics for your classroom experience - if there is something different you were looking for, let us know and we can see if it is possible to put together in this time frame. 
A/P Studio Tour - Let us take you on a virtual tour of our Printmaking Studio and Gallery. We take the time to explain all the machines and ways that artists utilize our space. This is a great way to make A/P an accessible resource for students now and in the future.  
Printmaking at Home Mini Demonstrations - These segments are designed to give the students ways that they incorporate printmaking into their lives without needing the school studio. Each topic can be expanded to longer segments if required and includes a PDF with supplies, outline and links to online resources sent for students to explore further afterwards: 


  • Alternative Presses: from 3D printing to kitchen supplies, learn how to make your own or upcycle easily sourced materials for a DIY printing press. Lots of options are explored from simple repurposing to some requiring assemblage with tools or access to a 3D printer. 


  • Dollar Store Collagraph Printing: create pressure printed art using simple objects found in the junk drawer or at your local Dollarama. Demonstration of the technique for printing without a press, ideas for objects to print from and finished artwork. This demo assumes you don't have all the tools and shows you some inexpensive places to get started 

  • DIY Block Printing: printmaking doesn't need to be just for the art gallery. Explore all the simple and easy ways you can incorporate the carving, inking and printing skills to do everything from designing your own logo, making your own cards to printing t - shirts. This budget friendly demo assumes that you don't have all the tools, and shows you some inexpensive places to get started. 

  • Stencil Printing: while a full silkscreen studio might be out of reach for most students, creating and printing from stencils is very accessible. From street art to fine art, learn how to get started in the art of Pochoir. This class requires very little in regards to tools for students to try at home and introduces a variety of potential applications. 

A/P Studio Mini Demonstrations - These segments are designed to add historical or professional context to help expand the horizons of your students to see the big picture of printmaking and how it relates to them in unexpected ways.  Each topic can be expanded to longer segments if required and includes a PDF with book recommendations and links to online resources sent for students to explore further afterwards: 


  • History of Letterpress: from the days of scribes in monasteries handwriting books to hitting "print" on your computer, learn a fast and fun overview of movable type and how it changed the world. Includes demonstration of the lead type composing, different typefaces and some historical examples of printing. 

  • Printing Press Demonstration: see our Vandercook SP-15 in action fully inked up and ready to print. This demo describes the concept of relief printing, press operation and shows how easy it is to print items like linocuts or text on our vintage printing press. 

  • How to Sell Your Art: from packaging, pricing and places to sell, this practical demonstration empowers your students to think beyond the studio and get creative about selling their work to the public. Demonstration includes quick and easy ways to finish and display your work as well as resources to get started. 

Question and Answer Time - We like to maximize our time and give as much useful and creative content as we can, so we recommend either saving questions till the end (if time permits) or adding extra time in for questions if you'd like the opportunity for students to interact more during the session. By adding additional Question and Answer time, students can also submit questions in the chat or before the session for a lengthier response and the instructor will poll the students on their opinions at various times in the demonstration for increased engagement. 
Base Fee/Prep time - 20 - 30 min Intro/transitions/question time during the session and prep time required for camera and supply set up, early Zoom check in (recommended 10 - 15 min before session starts) and take down. 

Special Thanks to A/P's Studio-Based Education Programming Sponsor​
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Access to many of the printmaking supplies required for for A/P's in-studio and online educational programming is generously supported by our community sponsor Inglewood Art Supplies.

Inglewood Art Supplies also provides A/P members with 20% off in-store purchases with proof of A/P membership!

Become a member today to receive your A/P Membership Card.

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