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Print Market

Calgary Print Market

Call for Artists


All artists working with print-based media residing in Calgary and area are welcome to
participate in our first ever Print Market in the Alberta Printmakers Gallery from April 9-13,
2018. This will be a great opportunity to show your work, make sales, and help AP meet its
fundraising goals.

This one of a kind market is catered to printmakers and artists working with print-based media
and will consist of three portions:

1. Monday – Friday: A week-long exhibition at the Alberta Printmakers Gallery
2. Friday night: A community Petcha Kucha event, in which all participating artists can give
a volunteer talk about their practice, to share their process with the community and
raise interest in potential buyers.
3. Friday night and Saturday: Alberta Printmakers will accept and process sales on Friday
after the talks, and on Saturday 11 – 4pm.


Updated Deadline: March 28, 2018


1. All items must be handmade by the applicant and include a print element (digital
photography not accepted)
2. All items must be appropriate for an all ages audience.



Please read the Rules and FAQs and take a look at the wall maps. Fill out the submission form
and email it to Slots are first come first served, so sign up early to
guarantee your spot!
Once you have been given confirmation of your acceptance to the market you will have until
March 19, 4pm to make your payment and hand in your signed contract. We accept cheque,
credit and cash in the office.



Rules and FAQs


What are the Hours of Operation?

Set up: Sunday, April 8: 9am – 2pm

It is the artists responsibility to install their artwork on April 8th before 2pm. Artists must
provide all hanging hardware. Failure to show up during install time will result in losing
you slot, and no refund will be issued. The artist may designate someone else to install
on their behalf by submitting a written request at least a week prior to the installation

Exhibition April 9-13: 11am – 4pm

Work cannot be withdrawn from the Exhibition until the close of the Exhibition without
the approval of the Exhibition Sponsor and the Artist.

Friday, April 13 Pecha Kucha and Market: 7pm– 11pm
Saturday, April 14 Market Day: 11am-4pm
Take down: Sunday, April 15: 9am – 12pm

It is the artists responsibility to remove their artwork on April 15th before 12pm. It is the
artists responsibility to return their space to its original condition, and failure to do so
may result in Alberta Printmakers retention of the Artist commission in part or in full. AP
will provide putty and wall paint, that artists may use.


Where is the gallery located?

The event is located at the Alberta Printmakers Gallery. The address is 4025 4 St SE.

What form of payment is there at the Market?

All artists must provide an image list including prices to AP, as well as label all artwork on the
back with Artist Name and number corresponding to the price list. The price list will be available in a binder with the artists statement and CV for public access. The work shall be sold only at the price specified in the image list provided by the artist. AP will process all payments and take a 15% commission of the retail price of the artwork. We accept cash, cheque and credit. AP agrees to pay the artist within 30 days of sale.


Alberta Printmakers
4025 - 4 Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4A9


What if I need to cancel my space?

To obtain a full refund, artists must cancel before March 26. A $5 administration fee will be
charged on all refund requests.

How do we know what space is ours?

We will have the wall maps set up in the gallery at the time of set-up and a gallery attendant
will be on hand to help with any questions you may have. Find your name and you will find your corresponding number. Every slot is numbered and there’s also a wall map that shows the slots and their numbers.

Is my art safe to leave overnight?

Yes, the building is a secure and safe space to confidently leave your work overnight. However, please note that Alberta Printmakers is not liable for lost or stolen items. In addition, all visitors will be prohibited from touching the Artwork during the exhibition and market. Food, smoking or open flames are not permitted in the gallery/areas that contain the Artwork. No photography will be allowed by visitors of the Exhibition.

What about copyright?

AP may arrange to have the artwork photographed to publicize and promote the artwork through means to be agreed by both parties. In every such use, the Artist shall be acknowledged as the creator and copyright owner of the artwork.

What is the slot fee?

Please consult the maps at the end of this document to see the spots available.
Each space includes:
Gallery showing for five days (Monday to Friday 11am-4pm)
2 days to sell your work (Friday 7pm-10pm and Saturday 11am-4pm)
The opportunity to give a voluntary PechaKucha talk on Friday night

We have two sizes of spaces available and two price points (member and non-member):


Member Pricing for 3ft x 2ft space: $15 Non-Member Pricing for 3ft x 2ft space: $30
Member Pricing for 5ft x 3ft space: $25 Non-Member Pricing for 5ft x 3ft space: $50

Please note we only accept print based works and 2-dimensional work that fits in the
dimensions of your slot. Artists are welcome to book up to 3 slots. Artists are welcome to share
their space with another artist (both need to apply). The slot fee must be paid by March 19th at
4pm using cash, credit or cheque at our office. Please drop off your signed contract when
paying your slot fee.

What sort of advertising will AP do?

AP will send promotional material to interested community groups and arts resource groups, as
well as provide all artists and those on our email list, with e-invites. Artists are welcome to
share the e-invites with their network. Public Service announcements will be sent to all media
and community contacts through the Exhibition Sponsor’s media contact list.

What is a PechaKucha talk?

A PechaKucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are each shown in 20 seconds (6
minutes and 40 seconds total). Artists have the choice of whether or not they want to give a
voluntary talk to those in attendance starting at 8pm. We think it would be a great way to
arouse interest in your work in potential buyers, as they will have time after the talks to
purchase artwork. All visitors can enter on Friday night by donation.

AP will provide:

● Publicity of the opening reception at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.
● Up to $50.00 worth of food for guests of the event.
● Wine and beer for guests of the reception
● Projector and laptop (Please note your presentation must be compatible with Mac
software and be submitted to before April 8th

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