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Print(ed) Word


In 2017, Alberta Printmakers and Loft 112 initiated Print(ed) Word to explore book inspired relationships:

art from text, artist with writer, art book and reader.

The result was a collaboration between a selection of 12 Alberta printmakers and 12 writers, each paired to create a collaborative artist book inspired from an existing text.


The resounding support, dissemination and celebration of this collection of 12 handmade artist books has been astounding.  Through this project, A/P has build lasting connections and friendships among artists, writers, Loft 112, the Calgary public Library, the Library Foundation, and more, as the project has been shared and continues to be shared in the following ways:



January 2018: Artist/Writer Talks and catalogue launch

July 2018: Print(ed) Word Exhibition at Gallery 2 in Grand Forks

January - December 2019: Monthly artist/writer Salon Talks held at Calgary's Central Library



View all 12 artist books at the Central Library

This permanent installation is located on the 4th floor, adjacent to the Great Reading Room.

Pick up your own copy of the full Catalogue

This publication includes the full text of each piece of writing that inspired the 12 collaborative books

Available through the Calgary Library foundation and can be purchased online here.


Join us for the premiere of the Print(ed) Word Documentary



Print(ed) Word: The Salon Series

Print(ed) Word: The Documentary

We'd like to thank Canada Council for the Arts for funding this project, our partners Loft 112, the writers and authors of these artworks, and the audience that enjoyed this series in January 2018.

We would also like to thank Rosemary Griebel, Kate Shutz (Calgary Public Library) and Christine Gingerick (Calgary Public Library Foundation) for their tireless work and dedication to the celebration of words, reading, books, local authors and for making space for Print(ed) Word in the Central Library

And thank you J K L MacLachlan Family Fund for seeing value in this project and wanting more for these books.

We are full of gratitude.

Print(ed) Word: Exhibition at Gallery 2

Print(ed) Word: The Catalogue Release

Alberta Printmakers and Loft 112 intitated Print(ed) Word to explore book inspired relationships: art from text, artist with writer, art book and reader. A collaboration, this project chanllenges printmakers to lay bare the text of new writings and to create artist books that enhance, alter and illuminate the writers' relationships with their own stories, the artists' course with their own craft, and readers' journeys with the books.  This project also aims to ignite dialogue through exploration of the commonalities of the creative process between writer and artist.

Salon Series

Located at Loft 112 : 535 8th Ave. S.E. 

$5 cost please r.s.v.p. as space is limited


Saturday Jan 13, 7pm

Susan Calder & Sylvia Arthur

weyman chan & Kate Baillies

Aritha van Herk & Eveline Kolijn

Erin Vance & Tim van Wijk


Friday, January 19, 7pm

Elena Schacherl & Heather Urness

Barb Howard & Sally Reesman

Richard Harrison & Barbara Sutherland

Jani Krulc & Ryan Statz


Sunday, January 21, 1 pm

Lee Kvern & Carole Bondaroff

Caitlynn Cummings & Wendy Tokaryk

Doug Neilson & Heather Huston

Rona Altrows & Carolyn Qualle



Print(ed) Word began in January 2017 with the selection of 12 artists and 12 writers. Once paired, artist-duos worked together intamately and regularly, remotely or with very little consultation. Ten months later, 12 books emerged. In January, 2018 all 12 artist books will be made public at an opening, three week exhibit, and series of Literary Salon Events and a Catalogue of all the text and images of the books will be released. 


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts. We also acknowledge the ongoing support of Loft 112's reading series and writers by Village Brewery, Writers' Guild of Alberta, Ink by Battistella, (Rob) Omura Law Group, First on Colour and Fostermak. The publication of this catalogue couldn't have been realized without friens of this project: Kate Reeves, Mark Thomas Reeves, Leigh Mclachlan, Richard Harrison, Elena Scharcherl, Cathy Baturin, Diame Goldade, Aritha van Herk, Barb Howard, Jill Arnett, Lee Kvern, Diane Guichon, Sara Norquay, Heather Urness, Kate Baillies, Susan Calder, Carol Bondaroff, Rona ALtrows, Lisa Murphy- Lamb and the many others who dropped coins in teh 'Small change for Art Books" pishka.

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