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Interested in exploring the world of Printmaking?

Learn a new skill or grow your practice!

We offer a wide variety of programming for all ages and backgrounds! This ranges from hands on in-studio workshops to virtual tours geared towards classrooms and groups wanting to learn the history and art of printmaking.  All of our classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors using high quality tools and materials. 

Our goal is to give our community the information and skills they need to print independently at home or to become renters in our fabulous studio space. Many of our classes include all the supplies required to complete the project in order to give participants a chance to experience the options before committing to purchasing tools. Inglewood Art Supplies is our Educational Sponsor and we are thrilled to partner with them to bring professional materials into our studio for your use. 

If you have something in mind but don't see it listed, please connect with Michelle, our Programming and Engagement Coordinator  to talk about options or even schedule a one on one Tutorial with an instructor that suits your goals and schedule! 

What is Printmaking?

Printmaking, loosely defined, is the art of  transferring an image from one surface to another often with the possibility of producing the artwork in multiples. Producing handmade prints is often confused with modern commercial printing processes (ie giclee prints) but there is a world of difference with these one of a kind, hand crafted works of art.


Here are just a few of the types of printmaking you can explore either in class or  working independently at the Alberta Printmakers Studio: 

Relief Printing: This form of printing uses an inked up, raised surface (like a custom stamp). Using a press or printing by hand, the pressure applied to the back of the paper transfers the ink from the surface to the paper or fabric. 

 Some of the types of relief printing we offer: Linocut, Woodcut, Block Printing on fabric, Photopolymer plate making and Letterpress printing. 

Intaglio Printing: The opposite of relief printing, intaglio images are scratched, cut or etched onto a surface and ink is rubbed into the depressions on the plate. During printing, the ink is pulled out of these grooves and transferred to the paper. 

 Some of the types of Intaglio printing we offer: Drypoint, Etching with BIG (Baldwin Intaglio Ground), Photopolymer

Lithography: technically a planographic process (printing from a flat surface) lithography is a magical process that utilizes the reaction of grease and water repelling each other. Ink is applied to the grease treated part of the image and the water saturated areas repel the ink resulting in a detailed print. 

 Some of the types of Lithography printing we offer: Stone Lithography, Plate Lithography

Stencil: this process uses a barrier surface with openings in it that ink is pushed through to create the imagery on paper or fabric. This can be a simple as cardboard designs to a detailed as printing half tones with a silkscreen. 

 Some of the types of Stencil printing we offer: Silkscreen on paper, Silkscreen on fabric, Silkscreen Monotype, Silkscreen preparation and Transparency printing. 

Monotype and Monoprinting: while these two processes are different in how the artwork is made, they both result in a one of a kind print that cannot be exactly reproduced again. One method is done by applying paint or ink to a flat surface and removing/adding pigment to create the imagery and the other is achieved through creative ink application, plate placement and/or multi block printing. 

 Some of the types of Monotype printing and Monoprinting we offer: Silkscreen Monotype and variations on the other forms of printmaking in combination with each other (the sky is the limit on in-studio experimentation!) 

How can I try Printmaking?

The easiest way for individuals to try these various forms of printmaking is to register for an upcoming class or arrange for a one on one tutorial. Either way will ensure that you learn the basics of the skill and be able to continue printing either with a small level of staff support in our Studio or independently on your own.

Check out our upcoming workshops here. 

We also offer customized Educational packages for middle or high school level students or for groups looking for a presentation on printmaking either in person or on Zoom.


Check out this page for field trips and contact Michelle, our Programming and Engagement Coordinator for details. 

We also regularly schedule online learning opportunities or partner with other Print Organizations to provide quality content via Zoom. 

Special Thanks to A/P's Studio-Based Education Programming Sponsor​
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Access to many of the printmaking supplies required for for A/P's in-studio and online educational programming is generously supported by our community sponsor Inglewood Art Supplies.

Inglewood Art Supplies also provides A/P members with 20% off in-store purchases with proof of A/P membership!

Become a member today to receive your A/P Membership Card.

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